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Manas Orthodontics
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Our Benefits Over Others

Benefits of exclusivity :- so we can give full attention on orthodontic treatment only, which require so much attention, and time. So if we are doing only orthodontic treatment we will try to solve all problems with orthodontic alone, which is most physiological treatment modality in dentistry.

Full time availability of orthodontist:- here in this center an orthodontist is sitting full time basis, so whenever you have any problem, you can come here and solve your problems, plus on your routine visits, if you miss one , in other clinics you have to wait until next visit of orthodontist, but here you can take new visit whenever you wish.

Most wide range of bracket options:- we have the most wide range of brackets options, so you can choose your bracket according to your need, plus we will also guide you which bracket system is best for you. Like metal, colorful, clear, self-ligating, or clear alingers.

Quality of material:- we use the best material from all around the world, including manufacturers like 3M, Omcro, American Orthodontic, Demon etc…so you are always sure that best material is use for you, which will deliver you best treatment outcome is best possible time.

Always professional care:- because of full time availability of orthodontist, whatever your work is, no matter how small or how big it is, it is always done by orthodontist only, so you get best treatment with least discomfort.

Always friendly environment:- because of your direct interaction with orthodontist without any mediator, you feel very comfortable during treatment.

Only your orthodontist for your complete treatment:- like in other clinics where orthodontist keep on changing, here in this center you won’t face this problem, and your same orthodontist will be there till your treatment is over and even after that. So you don’t have to explain again and again your treatment requirement, yours like and dislike, your treatment planning, so here you are more safer.

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