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General parts:-
Band : The stainless ring that fits around a Tooth-used specially at the back.

Bracket : Attachment bonded to the tooth or welded to the band which receives the arch wire.

Arch wire : Large removable wire that fits around the arch into the slots of brackets - applies force to move the teeth.

Ligature : Fine steel wire or plastic tie that holds the arch wire into the bracket.

Elastics : Rubber bands of different sizes hooked between different points on the appliance to provide pressure to move the teeth.

Tubes : Attachments on the back teeth to receive the archwire or Headgear.

Appliances: -

Metal : All metal appliances - made of fine stainless steel which is conventionally used for children.

Ceramic : Esthetic appliances made of porcelin to resemble tooth structure. Generally used in adults.

Self- ligating: They doesn’t need ligature, they lock the arch wire themselves, which have several advantages.

Clear-aligners: These appliances doesn’t have any band , brackets, arch wire, ligature etc. there are several clear removable plates which you have to change on regular basis to complete the treatment. These again have several advantages.

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