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Manas Orthodontics
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Our Achievements


 " First one to start Exclusive Orthodontic Clinic in Rajasthan and till now only exclusive orthodontic clinic in Rajasthan. "

" First one in Jodhpur to start cases with Advance Self- Ligating Brackets and till now only one in Jodhpur. "

" First one in Jodhpur to start cases with Ultra Advance Clear Aligners and till now only one in Jodhpur. "


Clinical Achievements :-

Convert extraction case ( severe crowding cases require removal of some teeth.) into non-extraction cases.


Conversion of surgical case to non-surgical case.


 Completion of full fixed appliance case in just 5 months. ( for same patient showing severe crowding)

Pre Treatment


Post Treatment


Completion of case with sever crowding and eight impacted teeth and completion of treatment in just 10 months.

Pre Treatment        Post Treatment


Completion of a case with severe spacing and severally periodontally compromised adult patient with age above 50.


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