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Initial Appointment

We usually fit braces in two appointments at the beginning of treatment. This ensures patient comfort. Apart from our verbal instructions, you shall receive an illustrated hand-book of instructions and home care. This book should help you to look after your mouth while you are under our care. Please preserve and study the hand-book carefully. This hand book also contain the information about the date and time of your next appointment.

As a rule, newer items (i.e. different parts of the brace) will be introduced in the mouth gradually and they shall be removed as soon as they are not needed. We aim to provide quality care and the best possible results with minimum discomfort. We hope to win the confidence of each and every patient such that he/she will enjoy their regular visits to our clinic, enjoy getting their teeth corrected and smile more often as their face changes for the better. We hope to enjoy your full cooperation to ensure the success of your treatment.

We need a couple of long appointments (45-60 minutes duration) to fit the braces after which we will need the patient for routine appointments once every month. During future appointments in case you are unable to make it, we shall be glad to keep you informed about your child's progress

Please do co-operate with us for the appointments.

1. We want to see each patient at the time of appointment. Your time is valuable - it should not be wasted sitting in our waiting room.

2. Arriving late or missing your appointment can pose a problem. All missed or late appointments should be rescheduled as soon as possible - such appointments may be given during school hours.

3. If you need an emergency appointment, we will bring you in as soon as possible to correct the problem - Please call for the same stating the problem.

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