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Care during Emergencies

In case of emergencies like the following, some temporary measures for relief till you are able to see the Doctor in personal.

1. Broken  protruding Wire :- Apply softened chewing gum at the spot.
2. Blister  Ulceration :- Warm saline gargling and apply Dologel Cream.
3. General pain due to new appliance :- Warm saline gargling and a Crocin tablet if needed.
4. New appliance cutting cheek or tongue :- Warm saline gargling & or apply Dologel Cream.

Try these simple home remedies or you are always free to call Dr. Saurabh Gandhi in case of any other problem or if you are not getting relief from these remedies.

Call:- Dr. Saurabh Gandhi:- +91 9460460450

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